1. What’s the Transfer Process?
No cost for transferring, but you need to pick a Registrar company like Godaddy.com and start a transfer order. After that we will give you a code that will begin the transfer process (Careful, it can be confusing, and can take a few days)

 2. Why so much emphasis on clever business names?
A right brandable name is critical to the success of the company. A company’s name is responsible for accurately communicating a company’s message, goal, and personality instantaneously in an eye-catching and fascinating way. It is incredibly important to have choose a short, catchy and memorable title that leaves an impression on someone when creating a business.

 3. How quickly can I get a starter or coming soon page up?faqs
You get a FREE attention grabbing “coming soon” splash page within only 24 hours

 4. Is it just going to be a generic clipart logo?
No, we have professionally designed one of a kind logos with every domain name.

5. Can I choose another ICON for a different domain in your portfolio?
In most cases yes, you may choose a different Icon to go with a different domain name. Please contact us for details.

 6. What if you don’t have a name that I like or fits my company?
We will try to provide you the name which closely represents your company. You can let us know what your ideas for business names you’ve currently come up with and we can match you with a name that communicates a similar message. Premium domains are very costly, review some recent sales:


 Read this article to know about – HOW MUCH DOES BRANDING COST?

 7. What’s the advantages/disadvantages to having a .net or a .org versus a dotcom domain?
Conceptually, .org domains signify non-profit organization and .net domains are for internet companies. As there are no regulations on choosing TLDs, people are free to choose whatever they like. As a result, .com domains are most popular around the web. People remember .com domains more easily. They have a natural tendency to type .com after company names while reaching for the website.

Clearly, .com domains are best for your business. See our tips for choosing a brandable domain name.


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