How Does A Name Becomes a Brand Name?

Choosing a name for your business that can become a brand name is a challenging thing. Everybody who has an idea about a product, service or company; wants to make a big brand name for her endeavour. How does a weird name becomes a brand name? What it takes to an uncommon name to be wildly popular in the world. Let’s figure out.




Case Example – Kodak & Toyota

What do you think when you hear the word – Kodak? Does it mean a camera company? Does the word signify this? No. If you hear it first time, you can’t think of what it does. Similarly, think Toyota. What does it mean? Nothing. Nowhere this word represents about what the company does. For a first timer, these are weird words. Toyota? Some kind of crazy toy? But now we regard them as big brands. How it happened? What are the key things involved in it?

Nothing happens by itself. Things evolve over time. You choose a word, a unique word; make a story around it and make the story reach to as many people as possible. The story is your offering, service or product. The story should be authentic. When that authentic story reaches to people along with your unique brand name, people connect to it.

There are many ways to make your story out to the world. Companies like Kodak & Toyota do huge commercial advertisement campaigns. You see their ads constantly on TVs, radios, newspapers and all other possible media channels.

It takes time to develop a familiar ring with audience. People slowly start associating with your company name and it starts becoming a brand name.


Adoption is What Needs to Happen


What needs to become a brand name is – adoption. How that happens? It starts with a unique brandable names. So that, after all your efforts, your brand names should stand out of the crowd. Make launch strategies. Position your brand in a positive way among your audience. Be clear in your mind from Day 1. Take extra measures to define goals and milestones.


Note down points on which you will be able to differentiate your brand from others. Create marketing campaigns based on that. Measure everything and analyse it later to see the impact of efforts yourmake.


Slowly your efforts will convert into real outcomes. You will see positive ROI and your company value graph will go upward, making a brand name for itself.


What other thoughts do you have about brand names? Kindly share with us in comments.


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