Why Brandable Domains Are Better Than Exact Match Domains?

Choosing domain name for business can be confusing at times. Should you go for keyword domain? or exact matching domain name? or brandable domains? Let us free your mind from all these confusions.

A keyword dbrandable-domain-nameomain name is the one in which you have some business keywords related to your website niche and some modifier added to it. The benefit of a keyword domain is that people will get to know about your offering by relating it to the niche. Earlier it was the case that Google would give preference to these domains in search engine result pages. But now it is changed. Google prefer quality content over just keyword stuffed inside the domain name. If you don’t have quality content related to your niche on your website, Google will not prefer your website on search results even if you have keywords in your domain name.

Second is exact match domain name. But similar to keyword domain it is of no use if your website doesn’t have good content. In September 2012, Google released EMD update and changed its algorithm about exact match domain names. EMD or Exact Match Domain update is the filter launched by Google to prevent websites with poor quality content ranking higher in search results by simple fact that search keywords by user match keywords inside domain name.

Third is brandable domain names. These are simple and catchy words or phrases i.e. Google.com, Quora.com, Yahoo.com or Twitter.com. They might not mean anything as per dictionary but they are easy to remember real words, which companies use to make their brand identity.

The one benefit of having brandable domain name is, they are unique so it is easier to get social media vanity URLs and usernames of the same website name. This gives a new push to the branding of the company online. They are easy to remember and easy to mention. People can easily reference it on social media channels. As it is unique, there are no confusions with other similar brands’ website names. Also, as Google doesn’t give preference to keyword based domain names and exact match domain names; having a brandable domain name with quality content makes all the difference.

What do you think? Would you prefer keyword domains over brandable domain names? If yes, then why?

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