How to Choose A Brandable Domain Name? – 5 Tips

In today’s online world, a brandable domain name is a critical part in a company’s success. A simple, sweet and easily recognizable domain name can bring a lot of success to your organization.

To choose the right domain name for your company could be hard. Here we tell you 5 tips, which will help you in deciding a good brandable domain name for your product, service or cohelpful-tips-domainsmpany.

1. It Should Be Unique

A unique name creates a distinctive brand image. It creates a unique impression to people’s mind. Whenever they hear or see this name, they instantly recoganize the company associated with that unique name.

2. It Should be Memorable

Choose a name that people can remember easily. Avoid complex words, which people find difficult to remember or to tell someone. For memorable brand names, it is easier for people to directly type the brand name in the URL and reach to the website to buy products or services.

3. Keep it Simple

Your brand name should be easy to write. No complex spellings. People should be able to remember every letter easily. Similarly, it should be easy to pronounce. People should understand it over phone or conversation.

4. Experiment with Words

Search dictionary for words which are seldom used but relate to your product, service or company concept. You can also create words closely related to your idea i.e. Quora, Google etc.

Another way is, mix two words to create one. For example – Groupon, Pinterest etc.

5. Go for .COM Domain Name

Whether we accept it, .COM is still most popular domain extension in the world. Because it has many advantages over others. By nature, people tend to put .com after a name. A company with an .com extension has better chances of brand positioning than others. Some browsers use .com autofill as you start typing name of a brand.

You will be amazed to know that 75% of all domain names are .com domain extensions. On this virtual online real estate, .COMs are the kings. Below is an image from Whois data, which represents this fact.

.com domain names

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have more tips on choosing the right domain name? Let us know in the comments.

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