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      JumpStart Your Internet Marketing Program


 The JumpStarter Marketing Program

How It Works

  1. The JumpStarter Sifts through zillions of internet marketing strategies from the best websites, books and peer SEO experts.
  2. The JumpStarter Boils everything down into a special wireframe BLUEPRINT, a web-based "Visual Roadmap" that guides you, evolves, and tracks your progress.
  3. Tweak, apply, collaborate, and delegate strategies from Our Original Blueprint, MAKING it your own.
  4. Streamline and build up your marketing efforts from Your Own Customizable Web Control Panel that features step-by-step strategies, powerful resources and robust web apps.
  5. Watch your traffic GROW! Say "Your Fired" to your overpaid SEO guy! OR Pass on your documented Blueprint to an expert and save thousands of dollars with "Your Core Foundation" already in place.

  6. 10 Min Video of JumpMarketer eGuide in Action! Jump Start your internet marketing today!

Internet Marketing is not what it use to be. Web Marketing is not merely acheiving a few reciprocal links and a few search engine submissions. Its much harder than that, organic web marketing has grown, its evolved, to a seemingly endless stream of sources. Traffic stems form an evermore complex web of social media, search engines, directories, tools, blogs, twits, diggs, press releases, podcasts, videos, and more. Just trying to wrap your head around all this is a monumental task in itself. Trying to figure out how to market to each segment without wasting countless time or money is another.

Hence, you need a robust, ever-evolving "Blueprint" or Guide that steers you in the right direction without having to glean through miles of text from "self-published marketing experts" or outdated guru textbooks. Back that with a set of rock-solid, Web 2.0 Marketing Tools and your on the cutting edge floor.

Internet Marketing shouldn't be hard. All you need is the right foundation or core, in addition to a series of continuous, focused efforts and the momentum should build on its own. That's the JumpStart you need. It won't happen overnight, but you could cut the time in half with the right guidance. Let us help you achieve the laser focus the industry typically doesn't teach.

By the same token, since we are in the midst of a difficult recession, it is probably time to redefine your marketing efforts. Stop the elusive marketing mayhem by ratcheting back on wasteful advertising, ellusive SEO consultants, and the ever-present, hyper-marketed $97 Ebooks. Getting back on track and sticking to the fundamentals becomes the new bottom line, and trying The JumpStarter Suite is probably the best thing you can do for your business in today's rocky, ever-changing landscape.

Its time to embrace guided Micro-marketing from a powerful set of progressive online tools. Let JumpStarter give you the map, a few of the best routes, and a nimble jet plane to navigate its course. If your like the majority, then you need to stop driving in circles to get to Hawaii. Not only are you spinning in the wrong direction, but no matter how hard you try, you won't ever just "roll-on-up" into your destination.

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What Customers Say
The response to our JumpStarter Integration was phenomenal. It is now a core component of our marketing program.
Susan S
After some basic implementation, My site is making a KILLING. Phone's ringing off the hook. Today and this weekend are getting totally booked up. rocks! I love the JumpMarketer Blueprint Eguide, it gets my whole marketing team on one page, and I really think we are at least 20% more effiecient.
Joanna C.
Ken Raskin
I just wanted to thank you and the entire a result, we finally have a solid SEO marketing plan, because these tools get us on the right track, wtihout everyone having to install some SEO fat piece of software on everyones work and home machine!
Steve B.
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